Our culture and expectations are changing. Today there are pressures on people to look younger and fresher. There are societal expectations about each person's appearance, peer-pressure and ?rules? about how we should age, and about 'fitting in'.

We live in an increasingly 'media-savvy' world, where there are real differences in how individuals are treated based on the way they look. There is evidence that there are real advantages to looking better, such as better job opportunities, being served quicker, having a higher chance of attracting partners or being considered more trustworthy.

It is not part of our philosophy to encourage a heavy focus on appearance, but rather to offer a balanced approach to rejuvenation. We are all aware that it is the person ?inside? which is the real you. It?s not about being vain, or trying to look like a celebrity.

We deal with otherwise normal people who may be unhappy about a certain aspect of their appearance, perhaps a prominent nose, projecting ears, signs of aging such as excessively stretched facial skin, wrinkles, or perhaps tired-looking eyes, extra abdominal skin after weight-loss, to name but a few. These may be features which have only a moderate impact externally, but can cause you loss of self-confidence or esteem and unhappiness.

We therefore aim to improve those aspects, age-related or otherwise, which may help improve your quality of life by their effect on your social and psychological well-being, in your relationships both personal and professional. However, remember that plastic surgery is not a solution to life?s problems, nor an undertaking to please anyone else. As healthcare improvements continue, we are able now to pursue treatment options to improve quality of life better than our parents were.

We can offer plastic surgery techniques which work well, at reasonable cost and with minimal risk.

Our programme for you will be subtle and graduated but within natural limits at all times, highlighting your own individuality and positive features.

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