100 women take part in moisture challenge
The Star  |  October 2010

THE Orange Zone of bustling Sunway Pyramid was abuzz with a lot of excitement recently as medical skincare experts, Eucerin gathered 100 women to participate in a fun but informative Moisture Challenge.

The challenge was to prove one simple point - that Eucerin Aquaporin Active moisturiser effectively and immediately hydrates skin from the very first application.

A slew of women took this opportunity to ascertain claims made by Eucerin of its Nobel Prize discovery inspired moisturiser.

Eucerin's latest skincare range certainly did not disappoint as there was a marked difference in hydration levels before and immediately after applying Eucerin Aquaporin Active.

Each participant's skin was carefully analysed and Eucerin successfully proved the efficacy of its Eucerin Aquaporin Active skincare range by delivering a big jump in each person's hydration levels.

Aside from the Moisture Challenge with 100 women, Eucerin also invited renowned skin expert, Dr Yap Lok Huei who shared insights of the latest innovation - the aquaporin channel and glucoglycerol - incorporated by Eucerin in its Aquaporin Active range.

"The skin needs the right amount of moisture or water which distributes itself through our skin cells to form a veil of hydration.

"If a significant amount of moisture is applied to the skin but these moisture molecules do not penetrate and circulate through the epidermal layers especially deeper skin layers, then the moisture volume does not serve its purpose. The efficacy of a product's formulation lies in the efficiency of its penetration and distribution abilities," explained Dr Yap.

Two well-known faces, TV personality, model and dancer Sasha Bashir and celebrity host/model Angel Wong Chui Ling also took centre stage to share beauty secrets and skincare tips with their fans and curious shoppers.

Both strongly agree that the key to beautiful complexion is to maintain well hydrated skin. These beauties also unveiled the art of choosing the right moisturiser for each skin type.

Sasha found the innovation behind Eucerin Aquaporin Active interesting and was surprised at the hydration power of its moisturisers.

Angel Wong believes that moisturising should also be focused on delicate areas like the eyes and neck, which a lot of women tend to overlook.

The Eucerin Aquaporin Active range is clustered under 'the derma skincare' category on the shelves of every Malaysia's Watsons personal care stores.

"These products are developed with latest dermatological expertise and studies hence, they are much more effective and yet gentle to the skin.

"Watsons of course will be a major contributor to bring forth this benefit to the consumers and we see great potential in it," said Watson's Malaysia general manager Kulvinder Birrng.

Being a skincare expert, the Eucerin Aquaporin Active range also includes an eye cream - Eucerin Aquaporin Active Eye Cream.

And since most women in warm and sunny Malaysia appreciate light weight moisturisers and moisturisers with UV protection, Eucerin has two moisturiser variant - Eucerin Aquaporin Active Light Moisturising Cream and Eucerin Aquaporin Active Moisturising Cream with SPF 15 + UVA.

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