Pinnaplasty, also known as "otoplasty", is a procedure designed to alter the shape of your ears, most often if the ears are prominent. There are several different procedures which are used to correct ear shape and projection, including weakening the anterior surface of the ear cartilage -"scoring", removing part of the cartilage of the ear - "conchal resection" and suturing.

The operation can be carried out under general or local anaesthetic. The reshaping is carried out using several non-dissolving sutures which are used to train the cartilage into its new shape. Cartilage excision is unnecessary in most patients and needs to be carried out judiciously if at all because it will interrupt the curve of the ear. A non-dissolving continuous suture is used to close the wound, following which a non-adherent silicone dressing with wool padding is applied. A wrap-around head dressing helps to protect the wound and hold the padding in place.

The sutures are removed after a week, when the surgical site is cleaned. A wide elastic head band is recommended for approximately 6 - 8 weeks after surgery for additional support. Complications are uncommon, but may include bleeding into the wound, prominent scarring or infection.

Patient A: Before / six months after prominent ear correction. Patient B: Before / six months after prominent ear correction.


  • Wear a headband at night for approximately six weeks after surgery, this will help prevent accidental damage to your ears while you sleep.
  • Most patients have ears that do not look the same ? we aim to provide normal looking ears that project to normal elevations on either side, but not for perfect, identical symmetry.
  • Your risk for unsatisfactory scarring behind the ears is minimal, due to our technique of not using the skin closure to achieve the change in shape.

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